Alco Professional Inc. was founded in January 2013. It is our mission, through advanced research, to import the highest quality in hair products. Featuring the original brand of Nouar Professional and Beauty Progress in Brazil, our company introduced a new concept of hair care to the South African market. We distribute our products internationally, across all regions of Africa.

Alco's rapid and continuous growth is attributed to the innovation and technology of Nouar Professional’s high quality product line, ensuring the guarantee of smooth, healthy hair with natural movement and reversing damaged hair.

Alco Professional proudly carries a wide range of original Brazilian Blow-out Treatments for every type of hair texture as well as one for pregnant women, children of all ages and another for coarse or ethnic hair.

These advanced products are developed with properties that allow the hair to be restructured while passing through a deep hydration, ensuring the health of the hair.

In addition, a line of home care products has been specially developed for use after the Brazilian Keratin Treatment to maintain the hair at home.

Nouar Professional has formulated home care products rich in nutrients, using the best technologies, extracts and rare oils that nourishes and protects the hair to promote healthy hair growth.

The Alco Professional Team is focused on the restoration of problematic hair, ensuring quality and satisfaction to our customers. Our focus is to provide our clients with authentic and original product knowledge and educating them with accurate step by step information guides and skill to run their hair institutions successfully.

To learn how you and your customer base can benefit from Alco Professional's products and service, do not hesitate to contact us now!