Beauty Progress products, similarly to Nouar, provide the basis of the Brazilian Blowout Treatments that have taken the world by storm. As per the product guide we have listed below, we are proud to offer you the opportunity to make your customers' haircare dreams come true.



Beauty Progress Volume Reducer contains cocoa butter and collagen in its formulation which promotes smoothness and creates the appearance of natural shine and sleek hair. Treats damaged hair effectively and keeps hair frizz free.

Beauty Progress Deep Cleansing Shampoo This shampoo is especially suited to treat and clean the hair with residuals caused by pollution and chemical processing. It cleans and assists in opening the cuticles of the threads, leaving the hair ready for the hair treatment.




Progress Advanced Volume Reducer Progress contains oatmeal, honey and collagen, promotes softness and gives the hair the appearance of extreme shine and smoothness. Restores dry, brittle and damaged hair effectively and is recommended for thick, coarse hair, thinning out the hair strands and making it easier to manage and maintain.

Beauty Progress Advanced Beauty Shampoo is especially suited to treat and clean the hair with residuals caused by pollution, chemical processing, staining, discolouration, leaving the wires clean and pliable.




Beauty Progress Gold Plus contains acai and collagen extracts, promotes softness and creates naturally smooth hair. Suitable for brittle, damaged hair, improving the natural hair texture to sleek and shiny strands.

Beauty Progress Gold Plus Shampoo is especially recommended to treat and clean the hair with residuals caused by pollution, chemical processing, staining, discolouration, leaving the wires clean and soft .




Beauty Progress Afro System Shampoo cleans the hair, removing all traces of pollution and chemical processes. It opens the cuticle preparing hair strands for applying the hair treatment.

Beauty Progress Afro System Volume Reducer has exclusive amino system technology, which replicates the structure of the cell membrane of the hair providing an immediate and long lasting smooth effect.



The Beauty Progress Hair Treatment System has been developed to perform three different types of hair treatments: pre and post treatment chemical reconstruction and the reconstruction for heat damaged hair. The product line can also be used separately for day care in the sink. It is developed with moisturizing botanical extracts and herbs that allow for deep cleansing of hair.

Shampoo – Step 1: With hair already wet apply shampoo. During application, do a light massage on the scalp and throughout the hair length. Rinse well. If necessary, repeat the operation.

Keratin – Step 2: Using the spray applicator, apply the Keratin pH 3.5-4.5 on the hair. Do not rinse. Let it stand for 3 minutes. There is no need to massage.

Mask – Step 3: Apply Mask ph 2,5 – 3,0 on the hair. Avoid product contact with the scalp. Massage into the hair and scalp. Let stand for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse. Remove excess moisture from the hair with a towel.

Leave In – Step 4: Place a small amount of Leave-in Protector pH 3.0 to 3.5 in the palm of your hand and apply on the hair. Do not rinse. Avoid applying on the scalp. Proceed with the desired finish



Beauty Progress Plastica Capilar Treatment is a Plastic Surgery Hair Treatment Kit and is perfect for maintaining progression because it contains active sealants reducing the hair volume by 30% and resets the keratin lost with time. Its formulation restores the resected ends, keeping the wires aligned adding lots of hair movement. Adds intense treatment to the hair strands, eliminating frizz without changing the natural shape of the hair, smooting out the toughest and most untameable strands.

Can be used by persons of all ages, including adolescents. It is suitable for chemically treated or virgin hair, strengthens the wires, restoring the beauty and softness of the natural hair.

Frequency of use: minimum of 45 days to avoid overloading the wires with keratin.

Deep Cleansing Shampoo – Step 1 : Wash hair with deep cleansing shampoo, massaging gently for about 5 minutes. Rinse well and repeat if necessary.

Keratin + Reconstructor – Step 2: Mix a measure of Collagen Keratin System for two measures of the Rebuilder, until a reaching a homogeneous consistency. Apply lock to lock from the neck to the top of the head and leave it for 10 minutes. Dry hair, separate them into thin slivers and pass the board three times on each strand, aligning the wires. Rinse abundantly and proceed with the desired finish.

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