The Nouar Afro Keratin Treatment Line provides an amino system. This unique technology in formulation replicates the structure of the cell membrane of the hair and repairs damaged parts!

Specifically aimed at course hair, the treatment provides an immediate and lasting smoothing effect on ethnic hair!

As the Afro Treatment reinforces the structure of the cell membrane of the hair, it aims to:

  • Loosen and smooth out tight coiled strands often found in ethnic hair and repair damaged hair, giving it life and movement!
  • Promote the growth of difficult hair and provide hair with a lasting smooth effect!
  • Make hair Rich in olive oil and coconut extracts, while providing incomparable softness and shine to the hair!

To further discuss marketing the product ideally suited to Africa's Hair needs, contact us now!

Step By Step Directions:

Step one: Wash the hair with regular (not deep cleansing) shampoo one or two times.

Step two: Blow dry the hair very straight in order to straighten the hair fiber

Step three: Apply the Afro hair Treatment in fine sections starting from the nape area working your way up.

Step four: Leave the product in for 30 minutes.

Step five: Rinse the hair thoroughly.

Step Six: Blow dry the hair.

Step Seven: With the aid of a flat iron straighten each section of the hair from 7 to 10 times, working on fine sections.

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