The Citric Line is formulated with hydrolized proteins which form a layer on the surfaceof the hairwires to protect it from damage.

This product contains keratin amino acids to moisturize and treat the external parts of the hair, preventing dryness, giving it texture, softness and natural shine.

The formula also contains Citric extract which elastifies the hair strands and restores the hair's natural moisture.

This treatment can be done on all types of hair, including chemically treated hair and gives damaged hair new life.

Effects of the treatment, depending on after care, can be expected to last between 3 and 4 months. contact us now!

now and make Nouar's Citric Line a part of your Salon's superior treatment offering!

Step By Step Directions:

Step one: Shampoo the hair twice with deep cleansing Citric shampoo

Step two: Dry 70% of the hair without brushing or blow drying

Step three: Brazilian hair treatment: Shake the product before use; apply Nouar Citric treatment section by section, starting from nape area working your way up. Leave the product on for 15 minutes.

Step four: Dry the hair without brushing. Use the flat iron section by section. Note: Thick and coarse hair concentrate in the roots area and if necessary take thinner sections.

Step five: Rinse the hair, towel dry, use an ant frizz product and finish off with a hair straightener.

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