The Flower Hair Styling Line is a system that reduces the hair's volume gradually, formulated with flower extracts and amino acids as indicated for all hair types, from virgin hair to thosewho passed through chemical processes to brittle, rough, dry, embarrassing hair which breaks easily.

A treatment using Flower Line restores hair to life and serves to prevent deep damage to the hairwires, based on amino acids, minerals and protein deposits, moisturizing the physical structure of the hair.

It also restores hair's texture, making hair stronger and naturally resistant to frizz.

Formulated with flower extracts and amino acids, Nouar's Flower Hair Styling Line is Suitable The product is safe to use on pregnant women and children of all ages as the treatment is completely chemical-free.The Flower Line deposits moisture and protein, strengthening the hair fibre and restoring its texture, with the results lasting up to 3-4 months.

As the Flower Line treatment caters to the needs of a broad demographic, carrying this product can be truly profitable, do not hesitate to contact us now!

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Step By Step Directions:

Step one: Shampoo the hair two or three times with deep cleansing styling flower shampoo. Dry the hair 100%

Step two: Apply the volume reducer section by section starting from the nape area working your way up. Note: Be aware not to apply too much product on the hair. Leave the product on for 30 minutes. Blow dry the hair. Use the hair straighter/flat iron section by section. Note: Blonde hair:180C or 300F, Dark to natural hair: 210C or 420F Afro Caribbean hair without color: 230C or 460F. The flat iron should be worked in each section slowly between 8 to 10 times.

Step three: Apply the reconstructor on dry hair do not rinse soon after finishing the straighter process. Leave the reconstructor on for 15 minutes then rinse. Note: 40ml of reconstructor for short hair 60 ml of reconstructor for median hair 100 ml of reconstructor for long hair After rinse blow-dry the hair.

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