The Maxx Line provides a temporary and progressive reduction in the volume of hair without the use of chemicals

A Maxx Line treatment leaves the hairwires disciplined and frizz free with natural movement.

The formula revives dull and lifeless hair, leaving it silky, shiny and offers maintenance free styling at home.

While restoring brittle and damaged hair, it can be used on all different types of chemically treated hair, as the Maxx formula is designed with natural extracts.

To offer your customer base lasting hair improvement by using Nouar's Maxx Line formula, contact us now!

Step By Step Directions:

Step one: Shampoo the hair twice with deep cleansing Maxx Shampoo

Step two: Dry 70% of the hair without brushing.

Step three: Brazilian hair treatment: Shake the product before use apply Nouar Maxx treatment section by section, starting from nape area working your way up.

Leave the product on for 15 minutes.

Step four: Dry the hair without brushing. Use the flat iron section by section. Note: Thick and coarse hair concentrate in the roots area and if necessary take thinner sections.

Step five: Rinse the hair, towel dry, use an ant frizz product and finish off with a hair straighter.

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