Alco Professional Inc. also offers grooming products for your significant other! Now the men's range is broken down into 5 different products

Nouar Professional for Men Cologne - A masculine smell, perfect for everyday use. Eau de toilette brings masculinity in all its notes. A perfect combination for everyday use.

Nouar Professional for Men Hair Cream - It allows you as you want. Strong mould and shape the hair. Ideal for short and medium-length hairstyles.

Nouar Professional for Men Gel - To use on all hair types in order to style the hair. It provides shine & softness to the hair.

Nouar Professional for Men Shampoo - Shampoo for dry and sensitized hair. It provides hydration resulting in soft and fluffy hair.

Nouar Professional for Men Fortifying Shampoo - Shampoo for grey hair. It counteracts the yellowing of the white threads, in addition to hydrating the root tips.

Nouar's Mens Range is sure to increase your male clientele and make the ladies happier to boot! Contact us now to discuss marketing these items as soon as possible

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